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Best Communication Tools for Workplace

Communication is what all of us do. One of the way we communicate is by sitting in front of computer and mobile devices, hit keyboard, say "hello", and start chatting to the next person. Generally, this way of communication is done in a workplace. Usually, electronic mail, viber, messenger, etc. are used as a common communication tool to flow and share information simultaneously to different and multiple recipient. 

These are non-verbal way of communicating with each other. Especially when we work with clients located in different parts of the world, or share files among one another, we mostly use non-verbal way of communicating (eg. emails, messages, chats, and so on). Even while working in an organization, we use these types of communication tools in project management, or workplace. But there are some other communication tools that we can use to boost the productivity level, and also to create a good manager-employee communication (which is a sort of an executive skill) in an organization. 

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard. - Anne Spencer

It is true that Viber,and Messenger are some of the tools that can be used in project management, business, or as a communication tools for team too. But, what would you do if you need to discuss more about projects with different team members? If your answer is “create separate groups in these tools”, then you are lagging somewhere, or not doing the right way. Imagine, getting the list of chat groups buzzing around in your personal chat lists.

Communication Conflicts
Communication Conflicts

There are some of the lists of communication tools that can be used in your workplace, and with your team. You can use these communication tools in marketing, or use it as a technique in project management, build strategies in different channels, and works. Below are the best handy communication tool that can be used in business as well.

1. Slack

Slack is a communication tool which is designed to improve communication between the team members working on the same platform, or a project. In Slack, you can store everything in one single place. It gives amazing features like creating channels, instant messaging to the team members, and sharing files in the same platform.

Slack got amazing features, and with its use, Slack really improves your team productivity. You can create “Channels” in Slack, separating different channels to discuss on specific topics or projects. You can easily add your team members to discuss on related topics, share documents, pin information, and chat. This is possible on other messaging applications like viber and messenger, but Slack gives you more comfort with these like features. For instance, if you are working with an IT related project where you design & develop websites, and mobile application, you can create different channels like design, develop, website, android, and iOS. In these channels you can easily share files and start discussions related to the topic. You would obviously want to share “.apk” files in Android channel only, not in other channels right? 

Similarly, you can even direct message to your respective team members. You can call to have instant voice call, or share any files to him/her. For instance, if you need to send a quick document to your client only, then you can straight share a file to him / her personally through Slack.

Another cool feature is that you can integrate bots in Slack too. Yes, the Slackbots. These Slackbots can help you with reminding upcoming events, plan for the meetings, and act as your personal assistance or task manager as well. 

More, the Search feature is one of the coolest features in Slack. You can Search the documents, chats, and information that you have shared with your team members through one search bar. 

Ahem! Slack is also available as a web application, desktop application, and mobile applications too. Also, IT’S FREE for small teams where you can use upto 5GB of storage. Find pricing details here. Animated GIF

2. Workplace by Facebook  

Workplace by Facebook, is just like Facebook. You can instantly chat, or create a group to discuss about the project, or related tasks reaching anyone with text, pictures, voice, or video calls. With an awesome feature to create groups, you can easily share updates, files, and more in an organized way. For instance, if you are working with a mobile application development project, you can easily create groups such as design group, where you can share related files, make a group call, chat instantly just like in Facebook Messenger. 

More, Workplace also connects tools such as Office 365, Dropbox, Jira, and many more. These tools help you in managing your projects. If you are searching for the tools to manage your project, go here

With Workplace, you can also broadcast your announcements, or go live and share everything with your team members. The best part is that you have a News Feed just like Facebook. You can easily view updates from your team members and projects on a News Feed page.

Whether you are in search of the best communication tools in project management, or businesses, Workplace can be the best for you. Workplace can also be used in managing teams, channels, and even get clients on the same page too. If someone is great with Facebook, he/she will be great with Workplace too.

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3. Flock  

Flock is another communication tool that can be used in project management processes. Flock allows features like instant messaging, audio and video calls which brings all your work conversations on the same page. The API provides developers to create custom integrations as per requirements. 

Flock is free to use but is limited with 10K message history, and can shift to pro plan as described here. The built in to-dos and polls is another awesome feature with which you can easily create and assign to-dosto anyone in your team. You can also run polls and get an instant feedback from your team members, and can make the best decisions with your project.

The best is that you can organize your chats into different channels, share files different spaces, and find all shared files and links in one single place too. While working with IT projects like designing & developing websites, and mobile applications, all you need to do is bring all your team members together on the same page. Flock absolutely helps you doing this.

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These are 3 different communication tools that can be used in project management, workplace, techniques to boost productivity, and boost team performance in an organization.


P.S. This article does not define that there are the only best communication tools available, nor defines that the communication tools that you are using is not right. 

Happy Communicating! Happy Managing Projects!